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Why The Practice Club?

Because knowing isn't the same as doing 

If you're here, you're a seller who probably knows your fair share about selling. But when was the last time hopping into a webinar or reading a book or scrolling LinkedIn was enough for you to turn what you know in your head into something you can point to with pride in your Gong recordings?  

Because it's scary to try something you've just learned on high-stakes calls with prospects

You've heard an amazing tip on 30MPC and really want to try it out. But this next prospect call matters too much for any experimentation, and the next one feels pretty important too, so you don't ever try it. And then...you forget it. Nothing a bit of practice can't fix. :)

Because as buzzy as AI is right now, you need people

ChatGPT and AI-powered coaching may be all the rage right now, but sitting alone in front of a computer program that tells you how to sell better isn't your style. Sales is about people and in the last two years, we've found the most effective and fun way to grow your skills is with them.

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Scott Leese

6x Sales Leader, 3x Founder

The Practice Lab session Jordana and Jonathan ran for my community blew my expectations out of the water. The skills and behaviors they focused on were exactly what I've found separate great sellers from the rest, and even more powerful than the training was the live practice my members got to experience. I saw skills and confidence grow on the spot and within days, members shared wins from doing what they'd practiced on real sales calls. TPL is onto something. See for yourself.

Kairo Dilla

Enterprise BDR @ Sendlane

In 2 weeks, The Practice Lab changed my cold calling skills more than what I've tried to do in my whole year as a BDR figuring it out on my own. My conversion rate literally doubled.

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What People Are Saying

Matt Lozada

Enterprise Account Manager @ Similarweb

I’ve listened/read through Chris Voss’ “Never Split the Difference” twice but never in my 6-year career of SaaS sales have I taken the time or had the space to actually practice the skills in that book of tactical empathy and deep listening like I have had a chance to do in The Practice Lab. The program has given me real space and time to practice and apply skills in ways that seep into discovery and every part of the sales cycle. The takeaways have been invaluable: I’ve learned to be a more measured, thoughtful, and empathetic listener to my wife and kid and my peers and prospects... and I’ve made a number of new friends along the way! 

Matt Green

CRO @ Sales Assembly

The Practice Lab is one of the best resources out there for sellers and teams.

Beau Minder 

Account Executive @ Amplemarket

I have learned a TON from TPL. I'm two deals away from hitting my quota and on track to having my best month ever -- definitely attributed to what I learned in the program!


Malvina El-Sayegh

Director of Sales Enablement @ Reachdesk

When thinking about how to make our Sales Kickoff for 2023 impactful we thought why not take a chance on the Practice Lab to get our teams excited about leveling up their skills in the wake of a tumultuous economic environment for sales. Honestly, we couldn't have made a better decision! The TPL session brought to light all the little things we know we should be doing as sellers but that we often don't do due to lack of practice. Not only was our team engaged but they made many great strides from just one practice lab. With the help of Jordana and Jonathan, we are hoping to do more labs on regular basis to invest in our team and bring out the greatness we all know is there!

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Monthly sales practice. In community. For free. 

We won't ever send spam, just some emails and calendar invites so you know when and where to show up for practice.

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